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Originally Posted by SouthShoreM3 View Post
That's why the DWS by conti is the best of winter/fall/ early spring.. Don't get me wrong I have more sets of tires than I know what to do with. got a set of blizzaks that have barely been used, brand new set of conti 5p..the new conti semi slicks for track..hankook v12 for the 20s and Michelin PSS for the 20s now these DWS which are on Dinan offset BBS CHRs.. i have put about 700 miles on the DWS since i bought them and they are pheoneminal. Especially with the S/C they have given tons of team toon during the winter when it was nice enough to drive the car. But we all know time is valuable and I still have not invested in a decent enough torque wrench and lift for the car to swap them off without going and back and forth to the shop. Dumb on my part really.

ayjaoo is on these forums like crazy buying everything in sight!! Smart man and seen him get some good stuff pre owned and in good shape. So maybe that's where he got the good price.. No much of a price drop when it comes to tires in the market.

I would still say the PSS is better than the PS2. Conti 5ps for me I think handle wet weather better, but can be greasy if you don't warm the up every time you drive on them. Very quiet as well. Then again I don't hear much road noise when I constantly have the car sitting at 4000RPM. Not even my girlfriend yelling at me do I have to leave it in that rev range all the time..hah i kid..

Cheers fellas and if anyone is interested this weekend I am open

Good info man. I think it all comes down to personal preference and what you're going to be doing with the tires (daily, track, cornering, etc). I've always been a fan of Michelin tires (good prices, great value, no complaints with them). But then if you're looking for something to drive all season, then DWS is definitely the way to go.

Hahah!! I know man, I've spent a bunch of money on here. Good thing I'm single or else my wife would have kills me

Yeah, I try to get the best value items out there. I don't mind it being used, as long as it is in good condition. I actually got the PS2 with some great tread on them 255/35 and 275/35 for 500 all 4 Gotta look for the deals