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Originally Posted by admranger View Post
Really sweet cars. 1.2-1.3g in the turns. Sick. I was surprised to see max of about 1g under braking. Maybe the track doesn't require a lot of braking, but I would routinely see 1.2g in my '95M3. Lots of weight transfer helped with the engine over the braking wheels. P-cars are different, but they could usually always out-brake me on open track days. Had to be careful not to get too close to their backside coming up to a turn.

What's the deal with removing the ceramic brakes? Are they crap on the track?
Yeah, TWS is not that hard on brakes - but to be honest I'm probably not braking as hard as I could.

Four issues with ceramic

1) They cost $5000 for each rotor
2) They chip very easily, and once chipped, can lead to a failure - so need to be replaced.
3) They transfer more heat into the pads and fluid (the yellow calipers have a bunch of features, like ceramic pucks between the pads and pistons, to keep the heat out)
4) They chew through pads faster and rotors last about 2-3 times as long as OEM steel.

And as far as I can tell, as long as you don't overheat the steel rotors with race pads, which I have yet to do, the PCCBs offer no improvement in performance. NOW, I have not driven it on a brake heavy course. COTA at the BMW event in June will ultimately tell me the answer to this. Even if I did have a problem...I still don't think I would run PCCBs - they are just too baller for me. I put the PCCB rotors in the attic for the next owner.