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Originally Posted by Alan l. View Post
Nothing beats the G35/37 crowd. All of them have something to prove when they see a Bmw for some reason. Maybe deep down inside they really wanted a Bmw but could only afford a Infiniti or mommy/daddy didn't get them what they really want. It just pisses me off every time I see one pull behind me they always do something stupid when I had my 335 and even now in my F10 despite me having a Baby on Board sticker on my windows (newborn baby girl is always with me)

Alan you couldn't have said it better. Back in my college days there was this one dope in my dorm building with a G-something (I can't remember the model) and he thought he was the hottest shit ever. Every time we'd leave campus together he would try to race against my 3 coupe. They are wannabe Beemers.
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