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Originally Posted by kitw View Post
Again, ride height alone will not affect corner balance, unless your corner weights are drastically off. Sure, you start crashing into the bump stops at some level (lower with the Ohlins) but the only way ride height factors into balance is with the camber curve. Since a Macpherson strut gains little camber once you lower it too much, often times raising the static ride height gives you more grip on the front.

And, you never change ride height without either knowing what the alignment will be at a given height (problematic because you need to remove the lower fork on the Ohlins, and most suspensions for our cars don't have a separate ride height adjustment) or without the ability to do a trackside alignment. Toe changes pretty quickly with ride height both front and rear.
There's no point in discussing suspension setup with you - you make different adjustments depending on whether you have oversteer-understeer at turn-in, mid-corner or track out. Also the type of change depends on whether it's a dynamic or static handling issues. Adjusting ride height is one of the adjstment options.

OP - sorry for getting off topic again. This is the last time I'll post in your thread. I hope you enjoy your new Ohlins R&T suspension