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Originally Posted by Merlosso View Post
I talked about this in my post earlier. The problem is that it is not clipping; the clip is pressing against the console giving the impression that it's clipped but then pops off easily.

The leather is thick and it makes it hard (or impossible for me) to get it clipped from the top. I popped off the whole center console trim so I could get to it from the bottom. I carefully made sure the clips were in place, then put snapped the console back on. Hasn't moved a bit since then.

Removing the console trim is easy; just pull up gently from the hold where the boot goes and work your way around.

Good luck.


The issue is generally caused by you not making the holes around the clips big enough, so there isn't enough clearance for it to go down all the way, all you have to do is cut a small "square" not just a circle and it can be a little loose as long as it's secure and doesn't cover any of the clip.

I did this again, and it looks in perfectly, run your fingers around the edges to make sure it's not going to pop up easy. There is no need to pull the trim piece up.