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Originally Posted by kitw View Post
Wait, no. You don't use ride height to adjust understeer or oversteer.

I can see adjusting damping as a bandaid for that, but it should be tuned with spring rate and possibly front sway bars... (typically you'd leave the rear alone to help put power down)

But no, ride height does not adjust understeer or oversteer in a proper setup and you'd never adjust ride height at the track without an alignment rack.
Damping cannot be used to adjust "steady state" cornering - need damper piston rod velocity to create damping forces.

Yes, you can adjust ride height to deal with specific "steady state" handling issues while at the track as well as sway bars to adjust other handling issues without requiring a complete alignment. It usually doesn't require huge changes in ride height to dial out, say, oversteer - if you lower the rear 1/4", while keeping the front height fixed (always work on the end that's lacking grip) you improve overall grip. I've worked with pro drivers at the track and, even after driving my car, they've recommended changes in only ride height.