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Originally Posted by radiantm3 View Post
But most people here are equating straight-line acceleration with performance. That's just 1 aspect. Not to mention the build quality and materials in the R8 are huge steps above the M3. It's like when people say the M3 is no faster than a Mustang GT so why spend double on the M3? That reason is why people would buy an R8 over the M3.
Every time I hear people comparing the Mustang with the M3 I remind them that the Mustang has a bigger engine. 1 liter bigger, which is a lot and still can't outperform the M3. As far as built quality and creature comforts go, the M3 is pretty comparable with the R8 where the Mustang is far from the M3. R8 engine is also bigger than the S65 and the M3 can still keep up with it. I'm sure it will be easier to drive fast in the twisties due to its better balance, lower center of gravity and so on..but this doesn't change the fact that it should be faster, a lot faster than the M3 and in fact it's not.
Again I'm not being a fanboy...just giving respect where respect is due. I'll give you a few examples: Nissan GTR - great performance for the price, interior and exterior design are not on the same high level in my opinion. Corvette Z06 - great performance, interior materials and styling not that good. Audi R8 V8 - great styling, great interior, but performance isn't on the same level as other similarly priced cars. Audi R8 V10 - the complete package. Great looks, great interior and great performance.. Another example would be the 911 Turbo.
It's not about hating on Audi, Nissan and Cevy,but rather being realistic about what different cars are good at and where they're lacking something.
And again the M3 is not even in the same league as these cars and I would never claim it's a better all around performer than the R8. We are just using it here to compare its performance to the R8's and some of us are feeling that the R8 V8 could've done a lot better for what it is.