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Originally Posted by dreamspeed View Post

A G35/G37 is as fast if not faster than a standard 3 series though.

But I know what you mean, and I tend to think the people you are thinking of 2nd, 3rd owners....

Let's just say that after certain cars become a certain age and depreciate a certain amount....What was once a car driven by people of the 30-40k crowd is now driven by people of the 10-20k crowd

You guys can interpret that however you want
Its true but when you see a modified 335 chances are the engine isn't stock either. One guy wanted to race me so bad (random) he followed me to my gf's house and saw me pull into the driveway. He then waited for me to leave 5mins later (he drove around the block twice) and followed me to the next light where he lined up next to me. Lets just say that the light turned green what happened afterwards...... i don't think he would be looking for anymore modded 335's to run anymore It was totally random and I've never seen this guy or his car before. I was just minding my own business and drove pass him. He must have heard my exhaust and decided to follow me right away.