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Originally Posted by Jaypod View Post
^^ I am with you on the GT3 RS, going to stick with the 'regular' GT3 at this point. I think I heard the baby mac is more like 2016 or so. If I am going to break the $200K mark on a car, I will just go for the MP4-12C.
991 GT3 will probably be as fast as the current 4.0 RS, unfortunately it will be heavy(er), which is part of the magic in driving the current version.
In a year or so a 3 year old McLaren will be worth in the neighbourhood of 150k. HP has recently been increased to 616 and the car is now a land missile,
Something to consider. Other option for next year is the F Scud. With a good setup it's a great track weapon, and the sound can't be beat. Last option is
997 GT2, very few available and prices holding firm and or climbing a little.