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Originally Posted by taibanl View Post
Even as an apple fan i agree. It has gone too far.
I'm a big fan of iPhones (personally i think it is still the best phone on the market), but the business structure they have setup is equal parts patronizing and arrogance.

Of course I understand their business model is WORKING so i can't really fault them (that much).

But they might as well call the GENIUS bar the IRONIC bar. The guys that work there know as much as someone that spent an hour reading the instruction manual. They are the equivalent of the tech guy working at your ISP. First they ask you if your modem is PLUGGED IN then they tell you to reset the modem blah blah blah. Tell me something i don't know please.

ALTHOUGH, the one time i had to wait at the Apple 20 minutes I saw like 5 guys be completely amazed when the Geniuses there explained some super simple features to them...they also completely bought into all the BS that was spewing out of the mouths of the Geniuses