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Originally Posted by SpmnE9zero View Post
I gotta say to those bitching about not finishing fights...

This is his career, his lively hood, he is a tried and true champion. His formula is what wins fights, they may not end them, but at the end of the day, he takes the pay, the belt, and the "w". He is a smart guy who knows by getting careless in the ring, it very well may end his career.
GSP is a strategic guy, a guy who isnt looking to go out and get lucky with a knock out, he takes fights to the end giving everyone who paid, the opportunity to see a great fight. If the opponent wants to complain, then knock him out, or submit him. As far as I have seen it hasnt happened.
i dont think people are bitching at all, its what he promised to do. Before the Condit fight he promised to go back to his roots and take changes and try to finish fights, which he sort of did but then Condit almost kicked his head off and that seemed to make GSP revert back. Then for this fight, he promised the worst beating in UFC history and he didnt even come close to that, like Nick said.. wolf ticket

the worst part of it all, is that you can see how easily GSP dominated his opponents but makes no attempt to finish. IMO, its similar to what Anderson did to Maia, only instead of dancing around him, he just lays on people. Far from a great fight. I personally would always buy a GSP PPV, no matter who he was fighting but now, I have no desire to buy it, w/ the exception of the Condit fight, i knew that would be good cause of the style match up. Hopefully Johny makes it a fight, although I still see it as a replay of the Kos fight, I think Johny might have a better chance since he has way faster hands than Kos