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Originally Posted by CrucialScott View Post
Don't understand why someone can't make a decision on what car to buy themselves. A car is so personal and its in the eyes of the owner the reasons why they purchased it.

I get the feeling people just try to show off with threads like this. Its crazy common on here but i've never seen it before on any other car forums i've been a part of over the last 7 years of driving.

No one on the internet that you've never met before will tell you what car to buy, they will just recommend the ones they like the most. 99% of people on here will never own or get to drive anything that you have listed. I know i certainly won't for a long time.

Pick what car YOU like...and do it quietly because i'm sure no one cares...

That being said... when you say V12 Aston coupe are you talking about the Vantage? Because every current Aston Martin can come with a V12 (iirc) except for the Cygnet.

If it was ME i'd get the Aston Martin with the SLS coming in a close second