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Originally Posted by Car54 View Post
Just curious but where do you usually get fade at RA? Seems like an easy track on brakes to me, but I've never driven anything over 250hp there.
Interesting. I was there early in March and drove the snot out of the car there. At the back straight somewhere past 150MPH braking for 10A was not an issue.

With Motul 600 fade is not an issue. My current stock rotors last me around 8 days before cracking up to the circumference. Issue is pad wear. I can go through a set of PF01 in 1 day (full threshold braking) and went through a set of PF08s in one weekend. NOT COOL! (no pun).

For me, the stock brakes are good (no fade) its just that I go through pads SUPER quickly. I thought about cooling ducts as well but have decided to get a custom 2 piece rotor (stock caliper) without any silly drills etc (which eats up pads) and heat treated (for longevity).