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Originally Posted by RingMeister01 View Post
Nice meeting you to Bro. You were smart to leave early, we all froze our asses off! Now that the car is in, I'm dying to get this thing on!! ASAP!
Originally Posted by m33 View Post
Not to mention I have put over 300 launches on this kit too , It is pretty amazing ....
Rick it was great meeting you man , sorry I had to run off the way I did , I hear you are in the same business as I so I'm sure you know what it's like !!!

As far as your kit goes slap that baby on right after your break in , heck ... My two previous M's went in for their initial break in service with the blowers on them lol I wish I took pics of the techs surrounding the car with wtf looks on their faces !
Priceless pic !!
LMAO,His name is Tim Bro,Not Rick !