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Originally Posted by M3SQRD View Post
I'm actually disappointed with the Ohlins R&T setup because it appears to be biased too far toward the "Road" (you've even stated this) and it even shows up in the spring rates - my wife runs 400/672 rates on her RS1 setup and finds it to be very comfy on the street!
My car is a DD that will see at most 3..4 HPDEs a year. I was not happy with OEM ride when I got it. I have H&R sport lowering springs now, and while it made the car stance look good and improved roll resistance and some handling, it definitely is more harsh now and tends to side-step quite a bit over bumps mid-corner. It just feels very nervous mid-corner over uneven pavement.

I was specifically looking for a setup biased more towards road performance and comfort. I got a baby seat in the back and my wife and daughter ride with me very often. Ohlins R&T was an option and at 25% less than JRZ, I think it's a good option indeed. I've done probably close to 40+ track days on my bikes and some amateur motorcycle racing, and all my bikes had Ohlins shocks and fork internals. I have a lot of respect for Ohlins as a company and their build quality is beyond superb. I'll give them a try any day.

So, my expectations are high. I expect that on the road during my daily commute, it will feel more comfortable than stock suspension, and definitely more comfortable than H&R Sport lowering springs.

I also expect that on the road, when car is pushed, it will handle greatly and much better than OEM/H&R. Most importantly I have several very curvy roads with a lot of bumps and crests that I want this car to handle gracefully and confidence inspiring. This will be my first test as soon as these are installed and car is aligned.

I have never tracked my E90 M3, only my E46 M3, so unfortunately I will not be able to provide a good before/after comparison of OEM handling vs. Ohlins @ track. But i should be able to give you my impressions and add some videos where lap times will be indicative of how good this setup is.