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My personal experience is that following the lengthy instructions above does not work to MY liking, YMMV

A BIG part of how hot or cold i feel is directly related to the temperature of air shooting at me directly from the center vents. The foot vents and top vents might help regulate the temperature but personally i think they are pretty useless. To me the only point of the top vents is to defrost.

I'd be perfectly ok with having ONLY center vents (besides the whole defrost thing).

That being said if you leave the center blue/red dial in the middle it actually just creates a crappy middle of the road situation where it's this nasty lukewarm air shooting at my face.

Having it in the middle means it won't be cool enough when the temperature is hot and it won't be hot enough when the temperature is cool.

And it seems like BMW climate control have a heavy top/foot vent bias when you set it on AUTO. Meaning out of a 100% total power it will do something like 25% power center, 35% foot, and 40% top.

Therefore i just leave the temperature dial at 72, put it in manual mode with only the center vent activated, and then increase or decrease the fan strength manually when needed. I also just move the center red/blue dial left or right when necessary.

Maybe this system works for some people but for me it's just a hassle...