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Originally Posted by Giggs
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Thanks this is all good info.

I am impressed with the new Merc's...and while a E-class or CLS is just too large for my taste, I would be lying if I didn't say that I'm eagarly awaiting the new C-class with a TT V8. I don't care for their looks, but with the potential of a bullet-proof engine, a turbo upgrade could be a nice, and potentially inexpensive alternative. I'm pretty set on a 911 or R8, however at this point.
I wouldn't say any engine is "bulletproof". I had heard that the R8 V8 engine is very reliable however mine failed at 28.5k miles. It got a brand new engine but just giving you a heads up, and it aint cheap to replace.
Could you PM me the price of a new engine? I am looking at a B7 RS4 for a daily, which uses the same engine. Thanks