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Originally Posted by mdosu View Post
turbo cars gets very complex when you have to build a high performance car. It's not as easy as just dropping a larger air-air intercooler b/c there's pressure drop with that system. You'll likely need to run shorter pipes and higher boost, which then creates even more heat...and the cycle continues.

BWM could have just a failure of the eqiupment instead of the actualy setup? I would think designing a turbo system is pretty easy, I mean, turbo engines has been around for about 90 years in one form or another.

FWIW, the early Evo 8's also at one point had a water sprayer on the intercooler (debatable performance gain however).
The pressure drop in having a larger intercooler is only in the beginning of throttle input as the boost builds. It increases turbo lag. Once boost is built up, it maintains the same pressure.

Yes but there's another thread of users having the same problem with normal street driving.
Most of the people on there are just complaining about the electric fans staying on when shutting off the car. Pretty common situation as the motor still needs to cool while shut off - because it is running too hot.

The limp mode where they can't rev past 2500 rpm is something else - doesn't look to be overheating related. Something with the fan control not being able to let the car heat up.

It just sums up to BMW having inadequate cooling for the turbo motors.
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