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Originally Posted by dkosawa View Post
What's the difference between 'Recover ECU' and 'Program ECU'? Does the former take it back to factory settings? If not, is there a way to take the ECU back to it's previous factory state? Also, how much are we talking for the Stage 1 setup? Does it include free SW and tune file updates?

Btw, great review!
Program ECU is used for flashing the ECU, whether it is the tune or the stock map. Recover ECU is a different function that you'll very likely never need. I'll let Mike go over that.

You will get a stock 240E map and your tuned map. If you want to go back to stock, you just flash the 240E map. You could do that before going to the dealer each time, if you wanted to, and they would never know the difference.