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Originally Posted by Uli_HH View Post
I think something went wrong in the AUTOZEITUNG Artikel...I donīt believe that they put the M3 on other tyres then that delivered from BMW...and on the pictures in the magazin the M3 stands on the standard 19"M3-wheels as shown in many spypics in this forum...

I donīt know if the 19"-Option meens anytime Michelin Sport Cup...would be nice, but in the M3 cataloge is no notice if 19"tyres stands for Sport(Cup)tyres...
It is very strange. It may be that the article is wrong and standard tires were used on the M3, but Cup tires would explain why the M3 has its shortest braking distances when hot but the R8 and C6 are the opposite. Does Autozeitung have a forum where a german speaker could raise this question and get a response from the magazine?