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Thanks everyone! I use these forums very heavily for reviews and it was my turn to give something back. Now go get yourself a tune!

Originally Posted by flipm3 View Post
Great review.

The problem with these "Stage 1" tunes is that they really tempt you to delete primary cats and upgrade to the "Stage 2." I'd imagine the problem with the "Stage 2" then is to want to get a supercharger. I'm pretty sure there should be a disclaimer or warning of such ramifications of getting these tunes, hahaha.

Enjoy the power!
That's exactly where I am right now. I really want exhaust but its just not going to happen for a while. Thats ok; its more fun to do things one at a time. That way you really get to know the car and truly appreciate each mod.

Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post

Glad you are thoroughly enjoying the tune.

Thanks for the screen shots too! I can probably use them in our latest manual with your permission

I also appreciate the constructive crisism about ordering/website. We have a new fully featured site which is in the works, and once released it will be a much smoother ordering process.
Hey Mike, thanks again for everything. I'm glad to hear the new site is on the way and I look forward to it. I would be happy to share the screenshots and I'll send you all the originals.

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Great review. Tune sounds the pick of the litter. My issue....No Mac version. You need to get software to run windows programs on your Mac as well as a native windows operating system disc, so add several hundred dollars to the cost. I refuse to use anything but Macs. Once you go Mac, you never go back.
I flashed my car using an 11" MacBook Air. You can do anything with a Mac these days.