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Originally Posted by bris2013m3 View Post

Silva vs Wiedman is going to be like Silva vs Sonnen I, the worse matchup for Silva so should not be a shocker at all if he gets beat.

Not bitching and laying on your opponents for 5 rounds is not getting your money's worth or a great fight. Well glad Dana made this fight happen unfortunately it probably not going to happen which will be a shame
NOPE. I sure don't see it aas a repeat of Silva vs Sonnen 1. First fight you could clearly see Silva wasn't his usual self. He legit had hurt ribs. 2nd fight he didn't have any rib issues and look what happened. round 1 just to prove a point that you can't do shit to him when he's on his back. round 2 I kill you via 1 knee and living in the matrix.

As much as people are moaning and whining about GSP's style of fighting one thing is certain, nobody has been able to solve his puzzle. The guys he fights just isn't as good as he is overall. Unless someone better shows up or gets fucking lucky, GSP will be champ for a very long time.