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Originally Posted by ny325 View Post
I'm not a Lebron fan, However, he has improved his game. I hope he never wins another title. I'll take Kobe over Lebron any day. Kobe has that natural killer instinct that you can't instill in someone, he was born with it. The NBA wants to make Lebron the poster child, and its evident when you see the calls Lebron, and Miami get. I have to give Lebron credit. He plays both sides of the court. He always, hustles. Overall, the NBA has a lot of bad teams, especially in the east. The west is more competitive. With the water down talent in the NBA, an older Kobe, no true centers, and lack of defensive teams, Lebron might win a few more championships. He better hurry because Wade, Bosh, and Allen are getting older. Oh wait, he might want to take his talent to Oklahoma, and spoil those fans with his play.
LOL hahaha. Stern is making the league SOFT every year. Like WTF you can't even argue calls to the officials without getting a T.