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Originally Posted by Dkhan23 View Post
Yeah their 8th seed, so what? That doesn't mean they can't win the ring. A team can go perfect and make it to the finals and still loose.
Being the 8th seed with like 15 games left doesn't guarantee you a spot in the playoff.

I think you have to realize what the western conference is like. You had Spurs playing the best basketball. Then you have OKC. Then you have the clippers who swept the Lakers this season and Denver who is insanely explosive.

Originally Posted by Dkhan23 View Post
So your saying Shaq would have won the tittle without Kobe?? Okayyyy whatever you say
When did I say that? Go back and read what porn said. He said Lebron name deserve a asterisk next to it because he had to Wade and Bosh as teammates to win his championship. I was just stating that Kobe need the most dominant center in the history of the NBA as a teammate to win 3 championship. Shouldn't Kobe name deserve a asterisk also then?