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Just for reference my roommates 2011 E90 M3 6 speed, comp package, technology (no cold weather, DCT) was 53k out the door CPO'd with 13900mi on it.

What's getting me is why they won't move on the CTS-V. Might want to try a dealer that has a bigger supply. It seems like only moving 1k down here in the Southeast on one would put them out of business.
A 27k hit is big, but with a new body style out now and production on all M3's coming to an end I would expect at least a 15k hit.

If I were in your position i'd just supercharged the M3 and throw some brakes on it. You can make 500rwhp 5.5-6psi, you won't have to deal with Garmin like CTS-V technology and like you mentioned, it's much lighter.

A CTS-V with intake/pulley/tune etc. is a 11.5@121-125mph car, an ESS stage 1 M3 is a 11.2-11.7@121-124 mph car as people have proven

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