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Originally Posted by Dkhan23 View Post
LEGENDS opinions > LeChoke's fans Opinions. Simple.As.That. The greatest player to ever play, Michael Jordan, said Kobe is the only one you can compare him to. Maybe when lebron fans get off his dick they will realize.
At this point in Kobe Bryant's career. Of course he is better than Lebron. But Lebron is still young and still hasn't reach his full potential. In terms of experience and championship I would put Kobe over Lebron any day. Like MJ said, 5 is better than 1. But don't forget, MJ was asked who currently has a better career.

It's really hard to compare 2 players that aren't retired yet. Kobe is past his prime while Lebron is just in the peak of his prime. But we all know who the better all around player is. Lebron is more physical, he can rebound, assisting, can defend any position. While Kobe is better in scoring and only scoring.

BTW, I thought we were past Lebron being called Lebrick? I thought he proved himself in the NBA finals last year that he wasn't Lechoke?

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