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Originally Posted by tigermack View Post
All these comparisons are dumb, it's like saying Wade would ever win a championship without Shaq or Shaq would win ANY championships without Kobe or Wade. I mean where was Shaq before Kobe? He had Hardaway and couldn't get it done, I know they played against the Bulls/Jordan. To be honest, Lebron won a ring cause NBA wants them to and he has to go to a team with Wade AND Bosh during their prime. I don't think Gasol was in his prime, he was slightly past prime when he joined the Lakers. Bynum was a bum like he is now and just think he can show up on the court everyday with minimum efforts.

Lakers would have destroyed everyone if Stern didn't decline that CP3 trade. HAHA, let's see this debate!
Finally someone understands. Stern is the biggest dick... CP3 and Kobe would be too deadly... Stern really wanted lebron to win a ring