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Originally Posted by M3SQRD View Post
Loosening the steering knuckle at the track to adjust ride height without having an effect on preload sounds like a lot of work considering people already think removing fixed-bridge calipers to change pads is too time consuming!

If you are using a helper spring, not tender spring, you essentially have zero preload regardless of the upper height adjustment (easy to fully compress a helper spring to its stack height).

I'm running DFVs on my R56 Mini and RS1s on my e92 M3s (400/672 and 500/800 rates). I actually find the RS1s, at either spring rates, to be more precise as well as able to absorb large bumps much better without unsettling the balance of the car. I have both brands of dampers so I'm giving my unbiased opinion.

Max rates of 450-500 for the F dampers - seems low for a "track" damper.
I had no idea you wanted to change the ride height at track side...that will require an alignment as well, not something a weekend racer type of prep work.

I was able to drive the RS1 and Ohlins R&T back to back on the same car with the exact same spring rates, Ohlins stayed on and RS1 up for sale, enough said. RS1 is still very good, but Ohlins R&T is just a bit better on my 1M, in my opinion.

Ohlins R&T is not a "track" damper, but rather a Road and Track damper. I didn't saying 500 is max, but only said it can handle that rate without any issues.