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I think the biggest threat Hendricks poses is the punchers chance, and in this case he has the best chance out of anyone GSP has faced so far. I still think GSP is better at Hendricks in every aspect of the game. He might not have the KO power but he makes you play his fight and always has control. GSP by UD.

I think the Silva fight will be very one sided. I predict Silva by KO in round 2. Yes, Weidman might be able to get him down, it's the only time Silva ever looks vulnerable (if you can call it that) but every round starts on the feet. Silva can KO anyone whenever he chooses, he only needs a few seconds to do it as well. Plus if Silva lets you hit him in the face, he always hits back even harder, otherwise he lives in the Matrix. Weidman is a good opponent, but I can even see Vitor beating him.