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Originally Posted by HP Autowerks View Post
You will have to loosen up the nut and bolt to adjust ride height. The main purpose of this set up is not to load or pre-load the spring.

Yes, just the main spring...see photo. Even with the use of a helper, the height adjustment is not affected. And here is link as well:

Not on the track yet, but road feel and runs through the very rough road, mountains and canyons tell me the dampers are more precise than the RS1.

Since the R&T has such a wide range of adjustments, I am confidant that it can handle 450-500F and 800-900 rear without any issues.
Loosening the steering knuckle at the track to adjust ride height without having an effect on preload sounds like a lot of work considering people already think removing fixed-bridge calipers to change pads is too time consuming!

If you are using a helper spring, not tender spring, you essentially have zero preload regardless of the upper height adjustment (easy to fully compress a helper spring to its stack height).

I'm running DFVs on my R56 Mini and RS1s on my e92 M3s (400/672 and 500/800 rates). I actually find the RS1s, at either spring rates, to be more precise as well as able to absorb large bumps much better without unsettling the balance of the car. I have both brands of dampers so I'm giving my unbiased opinion.

Max rates of 450-500 for the F dampers - seems low for a "track" damper.