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Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
Yeah I've seen that. I'm not much of a street racer...I pretty much stick to the speed limit around town so I wouldn't be much fun there.

The Airstrip "roll-on" scene is starting to get some traction here in SoCal. A boosted R8 hasn't shown up to any of these events so maybe I give it a shot

My assumption is that this TT kit costs more than the actual R8 itself?
Nope. Considering that you just purchased an M, and reading a few of your threads, (it sounds like) you're eventually going to go VT3, the 1000 awhp kit (on C116) comes in at an affordable is $39k installed

Now if you want to get the big dog kit and go with 1500+ hp, then yes, you will be forking over some *serious* coin.

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