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Originally Posted by Dkhan23 View Post
Their really not that great if they never won a ring..... Isn't that what they play for? They don't just play and see how any MVP's there going to get
Chris Paul
Patrick Ewing
Karl Malone
Charles Barkley
Elgin Baylor
John Stockton
George Gervin
Pete Maravich
Reggie Miller
Dominique Wilkins
Bernard King

....and the list goes on.... NONE OF THESE PLAYERS HAVE A RING. THESE are great players who had the MOST impact on their teams performance at the time. Most of these players reached NBA Finals at least once, if not more than once...Most of these players came excruciatingly close to a ring but failed.

Does that make them not great? Maybe....if you're not a basketball fan. If you're a surface homer that's blinded by rings as the end-all be all argument, then GUESS WHAT? There is no argument... all you need is the ability to count.

  • 1 more than Jordan
  • 1 more than Pippen
  • 2 more than Kobe
  • 2 more than Magic Johnson
  • 6 more than LeBron James

So by your logic, Dkhan -- Horry p0wnz all of them. Why did you even make this thread? Stupid trying to argue with a homer that only wants to spit rings at people.