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Need some help from you guys. I tend to buy a new car every 6 months to 1 year and i'm planning my next purchase. On the short list are the following:

2013 Mercedes SLS AMG coupe
2013 Aston Martin v12 coupe
2013 Porsche 911 Turbo Coupe
2013 Nissan GTR
2013 BMW X6 M
2013 BMW M3 Coupe
2014 BMW M4

The Aston Martin I have now is nice but is not a track car and i'm looking for my next car to be something I take to the track and let loose. I threw the X6 M in the mix because i've always wanted one and no, I wouldn't try to track it.

I know the M3/M4 aren't as expensive as the Aston or most of the cars on that list but i've always wanted an M3 and i've driven several in the past and loved every drive. Now, I am thinking of getting one as a track toy and would like some advice. Should I buy an M3 now and mod it, wait for the M4 and see how that does, or...??

I know most will say that 0-60 times aren't important but I would really like my next ride to be a sub 4 sec car. It should be noted that I don't particularly care for the M5. The SLS, GTR and 911 TT are all obviously going to be extremely fast. Would buying a new M3, fully loaded with comp package and exhaust and then doing an ECU flash help? Thanks in advance. I truly envy every M3 owner I see. Love those cars.
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