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Originally Posted by Veritable View Post
...what? He was STRADDLING both lanes before getting to the traffic at the light, I'm guessing just to block me. Looked like he settled on the right lane because that's where I was, but I was turning left next light and I didn't like what was coming from behind so I changed lanes. If he wanted the left lane then (and I can't figure out why; he could have kept it when he was straddling) why didn't he signal?
I am with jerseygirl on this one. He had to pass you on the right; whether you deserved what you got is a different question, but you could've (actually should've) stayed on the right lane until you had to turn left. Whether you were doing the speed limit or not doesn't matter as long as you are holding someone back on the passing/left lane.

Sorry if this isn't what you wanted to hear, but you did ask for a possible answer to why he might have been offended by you.