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Originally Posted by bris2013m3 View Post
GSP has loss the ability or desire to finish a fight. His last finish was 2008 against Matt Sera. GSP use to scare the division and no one wanted to fight him. Now there all calling him out. Hendricks will beat him as that is the worse matchup for GSP( that's why he's been dodging Hendricks ) the ellenberger and lastly his own teammate McDonald. I saw a different fight last night as Diaz stuffed 7 takedowns that hasn't happened in over 2006. GSP has pattened the lay on a guy for 5 rounds.
gsp is fighting 1%ers in his division. Its going to be tough to finish most guys.

And Johnny Hendricks isnt really all that different from most of the guys GSP has fought.

Koschek presented the same type of dangers Hendricks does. Dangerous standup and great wrestling. Yet Koscheck got out wrestled, out jiu jitsu'd, and left with a broken orbital bone. Im sure Greg Jackson and Firas Zahabi will come up with another winning strategy. Though I agree, GSP is a lot more careful now because he has alot more on the line, which is probably why his fights go to the end.
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