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Originally Posted by bris2013m3 View Post
GSP has loss the ability or desire to finish a fight. His last finish was 2008 against Matt Sera. GSP use to scare the division and no one wanted to fight him. Now there all calling him out. Hendricks will beat him as that is the worse matchup for GSP( that's why he's been dodging Hendricks ) the ellenberger and lastly his own teammate McDonald. I saw a different fight last night as Diaz stuffed 7 takedowns that hasn't happened in over 2006. GSP has pattened the lay on a guy for 5 rounds.
I agree but in his defence he is fighting tough guys like Condit and Diaz, who are tough guys to finish. Since the Serra fight he does fight more strategically trying to beat his opponent on points rather than look for the finish. I was surprised by his inability to get the take-down though, normally the fight goes wherever he wants. He did look close to being finished for about 30 seconds of end of round 3 too. I can see Hendricks, Ellenberger and Rory being legitimate threats, but I still seeing GSP coming up with the right game plan to walk away with the win.
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