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Originally Posted by M3takesNYC View Post
Sure its slightly edges out torque to the wheels and I mean indistinguisably slightly. By 3rd (a common around town driving gear) the m3 puts down more torque to the wheels in every gear above 3rd.

So your statement about the isf having so much more torque and so much better around town is clearly just dead wrong. can you atleast admit that?

So first gear wins for IS-F by about 10% (significant), 2nd gear is a wash, and 3rd gear is an advantage for the M3 DCT. Even the youtube videos pretty much show that in races from a dig, the F always gets the M at the get go. Launch control is rarely used. That's some seriously close ratio gears. 7th is 1:1 whereas 6th is 1:1 for the F. Geez, no wonder M3 only gets 14-15 mpg (in suburb driving) while the F gets 18-19 mpg. You really need to do a complete torque to wheels vs. MPH chart. Also keep in mind that the F's tires are slightly smaller in diameter too. I don't have the time and I can't locate actual torque numbers vs rpm anywhere on google.

Having said that, this is so stupid. We seriously are arguing what amounts to probably a less than 1% difference in power/speed/accel. Like I said, it's a driver's race and who the fatter driver or who has more gas in the tank type of race.

But, I still think the F is the better DD. I didn't say track car or canyon carving car. I said DD. Less gas, more reliable (I don't want to argue about reliability with you. Everybody in the world knows Lexus>BMW in reliability). Can you at least admit that?