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Originally Posted by avlnch View Post
For some reason I always figured the 'ring to be a decent and profitable business. The article basically phrases it to be a money pit surrounded by tons of controversy.

This is really huge news for the automotive industry. I wonder who the 10 or so interested parties are.

Can anyone shed more light on the story? Is the 'ring an unprofitable business? Sounds like a whole lot of controversy.

The 'ring sale price is almost 165 million USD. How many active members are here? 8,000? Hey, if all BimmerPost members here throw down $21,000 we can make history as the coolest online group buy.

I think it would be key for a German automaker to buy this out and maintain it for what it is. If they would even do that. Who knows what will happen.. have to hope for the best and that this iconic track will stay afloat and alive in the right hands.
Count me in. I will pay 21,000 for my 1/8000th share. Seriously.

EDIT - i call dibs on the toll booth where they collect all the money. that will be my 1/8000th.

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