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Originally Posted by M3takesNYC View Post
So your statement about the isf having so much more torque and so much better around town is clearly just dead wrong. can you atleast admit that?
I think everyone wishes you would stop posting this bs

Bottom line , m3 is inferior to cars like the isf / c63 / 1M etc for torque below say 4000 rpm. You know, the rpms you actually drive at on the street?

I owned an m3 for a year. Have driven an isf and c63. Now own a 1m. Torque at rpms below 4k (and even higher since my 1m has more torque and whp than a stock m3) is much more pronounced in all of these cars than the m3. The m3 makes very little hp or torque before 4k rpms. Despite aggressive gear ratios.