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Originally Posted by LarThaL View Post
Yes, the R8 and Bentley both suck. Honestly, what's the point of stuff like this. At this overall level of car, it is all subjective. All these cars are superb and will all have their strengths and weaknesses.

I guarantee that if you take 100 drivers who have driven neither car ever before, and make them do a track session, the vast majority will turn faster lap times in the R8. Maybe a hand full of super-skilled people will be able to get the M3 around faster.

Most people who buy a Bentley are also seeking a level of luxury and exclusivity way beyond the M3.

If you want to drag, just get a GTR, Viper, Vette, Shelby, etc. and call it a day.

The point is for those who cannot or have not gotten to drive something like the bentley or r8 for that matter, it gives a sense of what kind of performance these cars offer. Any enthusiast tends to love any great performance car and we all love to see how our car stacks up.

If it was against a V10 R8 or something that would be silly but I think its says a lot that the m3 can take down audi's halo supercar chassis build even though true supercar status was only achieved with the v10 version. it was a ground up build for a supercar based on a lambo.

M3 takes a production 3 series and makes it sporty

Audi did 8:04 around the ring vs 8:05 so with a ground up chassis build audi was the same as the m3 which was a heavily modded production 3 series