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Restraint System Malfunction!! Again for the umpteenth time!!!

So I've done a forum search and seems that early on in production, 2008 mostly, some owners posted recurring problems with this error message.

Here's what it looks like.

This will be the 5th time dealing with this issue. My local dealer has "fixed" the problem 4 different times over the span of about 11 months. So about every 2-3 months the problem resurfaces. Mostly when I have a passenger, which is rare since I mostly use the family SAV when my daughter and wife drive anywhere. I think this issue would occur with a higher frequency if a passenger rode with me more often.

So here's where I'm at. My car is out of warranty, by about 900 miles and 5 months. So, my car sits at 40,900 and is a 2008 June production car.

Regardless of age, the miles and frequency this car is utilized with a passenger is so low that having this issue occur over and over and over again is absolutely ridiculous.

The dealer has replaced in the past, seat sensors, airbag modules and most recently, 2 weeks ago, the driver seat sensor. Even though the error code indicated it was a problem with the passenger system.

Now I shelled out close to $800 for this most recent repair even though I felt I shouldn't have had to pay. My rationale is this same problem occurred and was brought to the dealer for repair when the car was still under warranty. Why should I continue to pay for something that should have been right the first time? Wait, at the minimum the second, or the third or the fourth...... WTF??!!

Does anyone have any recommendations? Do I take this to BMW NA? Do I shell out the cash for another repair?!
So sad. I absolutely love how this car fits me. Just sucks that I drive loaners more often than I care to count.