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Originally Posted by ferrari6891 View Post
I wonder if it would be in the best interest of car makers (BMW, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, etc.) who use the Ring to put in a combined offer...seeing how much history and testing they do there. Obviously that contract agreement would have to be ironclad.
Originally Posted by index1489 View Post
All the German automakers should form an entity and purchase it.
Originally Posted by Megabeast View Post
Yes! BMW-MB-AUDI should buy and co-own it!
I do agree that BMW - Benz - VW (not in that order) should stick there heads together and put up the cash and be the new owners. They all use it and know they want it

Originally Posted by Rickster311 View Post
It's not about how much it costs to buy it. It's about how much it costs to maintain it. Post pointed out it costed over 400 million euros over last few years.
Exactly .... this ^^^ the cost to maintain this ring is very expensive, still the German and other European automakers that use the ring on a regular basis should get together they can afford the purchase price and the maintenance costs as well ... in the long run they all will be able to write it off as development costs and save a bunch of taxes. Having said that I think in the end they will add a hidden line to the "new car delivery costs" something like NBRTREX translation ----> "Nürburgring-Trial-Run-Expenses" I bet you in the end new car purchasers will pay there share one tree at the time for the ring

Originally Posted by e92ben View Post
Ahhhhh. Hope nothing happens I'm going June 22nd!
No worries ... you be fine for June ... too much red tape in Germany for anything to happen before that nice map of the ring below something to look forward to before it is sold ... hope it will turn out okay or it will be a very sad day for people like us.
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