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I went from a supercharged VF540 2011 M3 fully loaded with DCT to a 2013 Nissan GTR Black Edition and I love it!

The only thing I can say is that you trade a little bit of comfort for performance but other than that the car is a blast to drive and I think you will be more than happy with it.

The GTR can be driven as a daily if one wanted to. It has a very comfortable ride when the suspension setting is on comfort. With that being said it still has a stiff ride compared to, lets say an M5 or M6 even in comfort mode, but it is by no means harsh enough to be annoying. I would feel comfortable driving this car every day if i had to. When the suspension is in normal mode, the car handles VERY well when cornering. In Race mode the car feels like it is literally glued to the ground even when cornering at high speeds!

The GTR obviously also has a ton of power and is extremely fast. The biggest thing to note here is that it puts every bit of that power to the ground perfectly. My VF540 M3 was a blast on the highway but had absolutely no traction in 1st and 2nd gear and on back roads. 3rd gear even broke loose sometimes when driving the car very hard.
The GTR on the other hand feels like it is glued to the ground in any gear and any speed.
The GTR has a ton of torque at a very low RPM (2500 and up) so if you enjoy feeling the power of the vehicle at lower speeds as well as lower RPMS then you will be MORE than happy with the GTR.

The exterior of the car is beautiful in my opinion. With a set of lowering springs and spacers, it makes the car look VERY agressive.

The interior of the car is VERY nice and has a good balance between luxury and sport. With that being said it still isn't as expensive and luxurious looking as a new BMW M, Audi RS, or Mercedes AMG interior. But it is very sporty looking and I feel it compliments the car perfectly. It isn't too much but also isn't too little if you understand where I'm coming from. The seating position is very comfortable as well and can be compared to the feel of the M3. I recently test drove a 2012 ZR1 and I felt very uncomfortable and felt as if i was laying down. Not to mention the visibility was horrible. The GTR is not like this at all, it has a very comfortable seating position and visibility is perfect!

I sometimes miss my M3 because a BMW M's balance between luxury and sport is 2nd to none but, I personally am a sports car enthusiast and the GTR is exactly what I wanted. It has GREAT performance and also has a very good balance of luxury and sport compared to most vehicles in its class, although the interior and feel of the car just doesn't quite have the same feel as a BMW M.

My true and honest opinion is that the GTR is a perfect sports car with the capability to out perform most exotic cars. For the price of the vehicle, there is not anything else out there that can perform as well as the GTR. Performance is not all you get with this car though. You will feel more than happy with the luxuriousness of the GTR. The car can be used as a grocery getter when needed and also a race car with the flick of a few switches and that alone is something that can't be said about most cars.

The car has 545 crank hp, 463 lb-ft of torque stock and can put down a 0-60 time of 2.7 seconds and finish the 1/4 mile in 10.8 seconds. With software, 3" intakes, a set of downpipes, mid-pipe, and exhaust the Nissan GTR is capable of putting high 500's down to the wheels and run the 1/4 mile in mid 10's. Those performance numbers ALONE are enough for most people to buy this vehicle and be happy with it.
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