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Originally Posted by das144 View Post
We found a 2006 e46 M3 with only 3k miles.
Convertible, SMG, long list of dealer installed Dinan options.
I think I can get the car for $38k.

My question for everyone is:

Will a low mileage e46 hold its value. I will likely drive and enjoy the car for 2 years. When I sell it will be 2015 and the car will likely have 24k miles on it. Still a VERY low mileage car. The car is in perfect condition now (I mean not even a wrinkle in the leather on the drivers seat) and I keep my cars immaculate so it will stay in this condition.

Is it insane to pay close to 40k for a 2006 M3 or do the miles and condition of this car justify it. Thinking it will depreciate but not so much with the very low mileage and the fact that there is a pretty strong following for the e46 //M cars.

You want to spend that much on an e46 m3? Vs buying an E92?