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Originally Posted by 1&done View Post
I disagree, privatizing might not be a bad thing. Things always go to shit when the government gets there hands on things here in the states, looks at the post office! They lose millions! I say sell it to a wealthy enthusiast who can make it better than ever and keep it a front runner

Now. What's Germany going to do w/ the $$$ when it sells? Piss it away on helping the socialist failing counties in the EU?? I think they have cut off Greece...Maybe they should pay back the taxes they took from the people...ok, off my soap box.

Stay positive people!
Thank you! I keep reading this thread and wondering why in the heck people are pissing and moaning about a private company taking over...especially those from the US. Look how well the German gov't did and they are arguably the best financially in the EU.

Privatize the damn thing and keep the poly's away and I bet the place does quite well.
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