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Originally Posted by SpeedyM3 View Post
I am looking into buying the cf mirror caps, splitters, and spoiler that bmw sells. People say that if you get them installed at bmw they will use some sort of glue called "Betalink" that wont come off easy and if you want to remove the mods you'll probably damage your paint/mods. So should I just take the safe rout and install them myself? anyone have experiance with this? thanks.
1. If you are installing them in the first place, why would you want to take them off? These aren't the type of mods that you can resell for any kind of money. Also, if you use a high-bond tape, you will still scratch the paint to a certain degree when you remove the part. I personally think that these are "commitment" mods. Don't put them on with the thought that you may want to remove them later.

2. I am of the school of thought that you shouldn't do something half-ass. The mounting surface contact area for the M performance rear spoiler is not that great, and I really think you should use the betalink adhesive here. The front splitters can be securely fastened with double sided tape since the mounting surface area is quite large. Mirror covers replace the existing ones and don't need adhesive. As mentioned in the above post, surface temperature is key in terms of proper bonding.

3. I have the spoiler and splitters and installed both myself using betalink. If you are reasonably handy with these sorts of projects, it isn't difficult. Like anything, take the time to do all the proper prep work and set up, and it will be fine. One big advantage of the Betalink over the tape is that it takes a little time to harden so there is room for minor adjustments to make sure there are no gaps, etc. With tape, you get one chance to get it seated properly.

Don't cut corners when modding. Every time I have tried to ever take the "easier" route when modding, the result has always been less than optimal. Do it right the first time and you be certain to be satisfied.
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