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It seems to me that dealerships just cant help trying for either a takedown on the new car sale or the trade when you do both. Not scoring on one or the other just seems to be too much of a bitter pill for them to swallow. The in/out is the best deal going particularly in states like mine that have sales tax approaching or exceeding 9%. Failing that a private sale followed by a separate new car buy I think is the likely to net you the best total deal.

You are looking for a car that will soon be unavailable and the sticks are a rare find on the ground. The dealer likely figures he will find someone to buy it at or near invoice and my guess is he may very well be right. I was looking at CTS-Vs when I got the M3 but couldn't find a stick anywhere in my area to test drive. I did like the car but wouldn't buy the auto. Eventually I gave up on getting a test drive when it turned out there wasn't even a single stick on the ground in the entire western US at the time.
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