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Originally Posted by swanson View Post
Yeah, it's the only Cadillac V-series forum I've actually found. The layout is nasty but I actually have gotten some good information there... probably because it's the only one out there, people have to gather SOMEWHERE

For example, I don't think anywhere else talks about clicking wheel bearings and rocking Recaros....

However, I've not read about a local Vancouver owner posting there. Someone from Calgary (where the car I was looking at is currently located, actually) once, but no closer.

R3DL1N3, I just found it very strange that when you're in a BMW dealership buying an $80k CDN car, you are treated as if you are about to spend $80k and thus they accept that you will bargain a bit. They also know that you bought the very car you are about to trade in with them, and so are willing to take it in at $5k less than market, CPO it for $2k, then make a reasonable $3k profit from it; they realize that you know the market and will check on them anyways.

Whereas, now I've dealt with 5 GM dealers now, and ALL OF THEM give me the vibe that they're already making nothing even when selling an $80k car at MSRP. Personally I think that stems from the same dealership, the same salesperson, sells everything from the $10k Chevy Spark to the $100k Corvette ZR1. I won't even get into product knowledge, because the lack thereof is to be expected, but the attitude is just... dunno, weird, I can't seem to work with them like I do with BMW dealerships