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You aren't alone. It seems here in Canada the dealers remind of the stereotypical 70s-80s dealers you see on TV. The cheesy salesmen who knows almost nothing about the cars they sell other than the few hot button options they feel they can charge you more for. They are not interested in customer retention, although they try hard to pretend they are to you face. When presented with knowledge about their products outside of their understanding you get the cold shoulder, especially when it comes down to comparing prices/deals/options, etc.

I recently had a similar experience with a Dodge dealer when I was considering upgrading my truck and went through someone who was a friend of a friend and a previous client of mine. He constantly promoted his trucks over our work trucks and said he would be very accommodating if I was looking to upgrade. Come to him for the best deal he would say, blah blah. Long story short, I showed up and he gave me a rushed test drive on a loaded 1500 ram, I sent him specs of my truck and told him I was interested and it took him 3 days later to hear back only to get a ridiculously low trade in on my truck (11k below the lowest retail truck of its kind in Ontario, didnt check Canada). So I, Like yourself, thought maybe he was going to meet me somewhere in the middle in terms of at least the purchase price of the new truck. He kept saying I was getting some great deal but it turns out the only deal he was offering was the factory incentive offered by Ram Canada on ALL trucks, all the while trying to pass it off as some great deal he conjured up for me only. Essentially I told him where to put it and decided to keep my truck.

GM is not any better, we redesign and revamp the exterior of the GM dealerships and they're all the same. I had a friend working there, of whom I bought my truck off of, and he quit because of how sleazy his "top notch" GM dealership did business and how they treated customers as well as fair salesmen trying to get people a fair deal.

My experience at Ford locally was much shorter but just as humorous. I went in to check pricing on the new 2013 gt500 in my work clothes and one of my employees and I could not for the life of me get a straight answer or get taken seriously. 3 fat salesmen picking their noses and playing solitaire couldn't get up and see if I needed any information. I had to actually go hunt one down, and when I did he did not know anything about the new model, changes between model years or even when they could get one. Needless to say I took my business elsewhere.

I'm sorry to hear you had an equally annoying experience. The only and best experience I've had was at Endras BMW. I'm sure there are a few other good dealers out there, but I have yet to find any. Especially domestics.