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#1 Manual trannys are going away in performance cars. No human can shift as fast as my DCT and the fact that I can shift that quickly in my car MAKES it more fun than a manual. This is coming from a guy who has exclusively owned manuals for the past 15 years in a wide variety of sports and performance-oriented cars. I will not own a manual again.

#2 I use my GT-R to drive every day to work, it has heated seats and a rear seat with enough room to put my daughter in her rear-facing infant carrier. I do this while chatting with my wife over Bluetooth. This car has all modern comforts that make daily driving easy. AWD makes me feel safe and secure in bad weather.

#3 I don't buy cars to impress women, even when I was single.

Guys who buy certain cars to impress other people, especially women, are LOSERS. Want to impress women? Read a book, go to the gym, work hard at the office. Don't be so goddamned insecure and materialistic!!
No need to get your panties all waddled up. This is just car talk. No need to be so worked up. Relax. To each his own, no matter what he drives.

1. The reason why manufacturers are going away with manual is most people that buy sports cars nowadays use it to pick up groceries. I think I am a little older than you, and all my sports cars were always manual. My current automatic is a Prius. What's the point of a 100k car that does the driving for you. Might as well have a computer drive for you too.

2. You seem to have a young family. I have two little girls myself. Buy a minivan for the family or a suv. A daily driving GTR for lugging the kids around is not practical and safe. Think about your kids over your driving pleasure.

3. I am married bro. I don't buy a car to pick up girls. My daily driver is a prius. When I met my wife, I drove a piece of shit. lol. I drive a M3 cause this is the last NA motor by BMW that has a manual tranny. It's too bad that many people get hooked up on the latest and greatest. My next car is still going to be a manual. If porshe doesn't make one, I'll get a used 997.2TT.

All in all, I like the GTR. It's a great car, but it's a track car. That's what it was built for, not to pick up groceries.